Joan MIRO Exposition

21/12/2018 - 31/01/2022

This exceptional exhibition at the Pouhon Pierre le Grand in Spa presents more than 140 original works by Joan Miró: watercolors, lithographs, drawings, etchings, collages and ceramics by the Spanish master. The vast majority of these works are being shown to the public for the first time in this superb setting.

The exhibition is structured around several themes: the Spanish War, surrealism, colors, the artist's hands, themes, simplicity, the role of childhood and freedom.

The exhibition also addresses a little-known aspect of this famous artist: his desire to go beyond painting and to conquer the general public. In 1938, Miró wrote: "The more I work, the more I want to work. I would like to try my hand at sculpture, pottery, printmaking, having a press. I would also like to try to go beyond easel painting, as far as possible, and get closer, through painting, to the human masses that I have never stopped thinking about.

In 1948, Miró returned to Paris. This was the starting point of a considerable graphic work that would occupy more and more space in the artist's work. Until 1982, Miró would produce hundreds of works.

The exhibition presents this immense, swirling creation. No artist has ever been so free to do, so eager to give, as Joan Miró.


Pouhon Pierre Legrand 1 A
4900 Spa (Spa)